Photo Credit: Candiace Dillard/Instagram; Monique Samuels/Instagram

A report of Real Housewives of Potomac star Monique Samuels having the police called on her following an altercation during filming with castmate Candiace Dillard occurred this weekend. At first glance, my snap judgment was that I refuse to believe Monique went as far as smashing Candiace’s head to a table as the report stated. Supposedly, they were filming at a vineyard when Candiace threw a drink at Monique and that’s when she finally fulfilled Candiace’s multiple requests to “drag her.” I could see a little tussle, but full on dragging, I’m not sure about.

So then there’s the question about the source of this allegation. It came from an Instagram account of “TheBlackSocialites.” The only thing I know about them is that it’s ran by a person who has taken pictures with the cast and as recently as a week ago claimed to be friends with Monique and was happy to have repaired their friendship. Would he make up a negative story to hurt his castmember friend? I doubt it, especially since he gives off fan girl vibes. Would he exaggerate the fight to make his friend look better and show that she really let Candiace have it? Now that seems a little more believable. As for who the person behind the account is, I’m not sure but no shade, his last tweet was in response to someone asking “Does anyone want to do drugs” and his response was a raised hand emoji saying “Yes.” I’m just saying.

No police reports have been released but there is a slight bit of tension between the two cast members dancing around the subject and not responding to the barrage of tweets they’ve received on the matter. Monique was asked if she still followed Candiace to which she said “No.” Candiace, however started making side remarks about people being felons and how felons talk the most trash and “girl, you can’t even vote.” I’ve seen no record of Monique being a felon but even if she were, the rant was followed up with Candiace saying she spent since 2013 working on helping felons get voting rights so it’s a little condescending for her to out of one side of her mouth bash a felon and the other state that she’s been trying to help felons.

Not to take sides but if this fight did occur, we’re not passing judgment. Sometimes you just need to fight it out and if anything, at least they got it out of their system. Who knows, they might become friends after this or at least laugh about it… some day years from now. For now, we don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future. But if Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams can become friends, anything is possible.