Deven Hubbard’s a PopGlitz fan favorite that we’re covering now for a third time. He’s a basketball star expected to be drafted into the NBA soon. He has become the most requested and viewed model on our site and probably the most talked about of our eye candy models so we know he has the public’s attention.

Since we last covered Deven, he’s shot with CYOER Photography, who’s also shot Insecure star Jay Ellis. He’s done work with Atlanta photog Cassidyboi and
Aitch Studio in L.A. as well.
Even though he’s on a steep rise, he’s still true to his friends as he’s seen still rocking Sir Kevin James‘ clothes as he always has been. For the fits he calls Lazell Shaw out of L.A. a favorite stylist of his.

He might be known as a basketball player but his body certainly helped along in the process. That’s why his strength and conditioning training Jack Rousian worked with him on releasing a program on how to gain and lose weight as well as how to get a six pack like Deven’s on his website. Deven also has a basketball program in the works for young kids looking to better themselves as well as a line of hoodies he’s working with his publicist Shawn on, going on sale in the next month or two.

His body might come from the gym but the looks definitely run in the family. While on a red carpet for Atlanta Teen Magazine he took a pic with his mother who’s quite hot herself.

If you’re wondering about his dating life, he has a new girl he’s been pursuing, Grace Kim who’s been helping him with business out in L.A. setting things in place for him there. He’s been doing a bit of mingling on the west coast as well as he’s been seen in photos with Youtube star Ashley Ortega.

As for appearances, he’s recently been on the Health Fitness & Everything Else podcast and Keeping it Real with John.

This August he’ll be headed to Euroleague where we’re certain all of the hard work and dedication he’s been putting in is going to lead him to even more success.

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