Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is today’s morning male eye candy. The 25 year old was recently photographed with his shirt off next to the number 2 NFL draft pick, fellow Texan, Johnny Manziel at . Last year he made headlines for an epic sideline tantrum where he had to be pulled out of Tony Romo‘s face. He was featured in Flaunt Magazine showing off his body shortly afterwards which helped draw attention away from what he calls being overly passionate about the game. He currently stands at around 3% body fat. He said the key to his body is pizza and burgers all the time. We’re not so sure about that diet though. Most of us eat that all the time and have yet to look anything like him

Glitzers, take a look at this morning’s eye candy Dez Bryant below and tell us who else you think we should make as our Morning Eye Candy, male or female!

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I know what time it is but I can’t help it… You sleep I grind…no matter where I’m at in the world I’m going to get it in #throwupthex