Leroy Garrett appeared on Real World Las Vegas, Season 25. He was the hot garbage man who saw being on the show as a vacation from his job as he said in an interview with ifelicious.com. In the interview he mentioned as advice for the next season of Real Word, for them to jump to every experience put before them and that is exactly what he did. While on the show he caught an STD, almost passed it to his roommate and almost got them pregnant at that. I mean, he’s irresistible and that is an understatement. He’s since been on multiple MTV challenges since then keeping fans’ hearts and vajayjay’s throbbing. But we’re happy to report we’ve uncovered nudes of his. We’ve been wanting to see this since it was first announced he’d be on Real World.

Glitzers, check out Leroy Garrett’s nudes below:
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