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Cory Wharton appeared on MTV’s Real World with adonis Leroy Garrett whose nudes we posted this week. These two were partners in crime on that season of the show and not just because they were the black guys on the cast. Leroy had body and a d*ck that had him nearly get one girl pregnant and almost passed an std off on someone else, having girls do threesomes with him in the house and who could blame them? Sacrifices must be made when a guy is packin’ the way he is. Cory Wharton is no different story. If the MTV stopped filming the show and called in Vivid Entertainment, the company that sold Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, they probably would have made more. Either way, we have the goods and we can’t wait to show them to you here.

Glitzers, check out MTV Real World star Cory Wharton’s nudes below: