Photo Credit: MTV

MTV’s new Jersey Shore spinoff Buckhead Shore has already proven to have as wild a cast as the original. Thursday night they had a viewing party for the show’s premiere that ended with police intervention. It wasn’t even midnight when the cast and their guests were outside blocking the flow of traffic pissing off neighbors. After the police went inside the home around 11:30 pm to break things up and shut down the party, things ended quietly without any conflict.

The show is described by MTV as saying they will “follow the interpersonal lives of a group of friends making a name for themselves in the ‘Beverly Hills of the South’ as they escape their everyday life and head to the lake shore to let loose.” The cast includes the son of the infamous Atlanta club Magic City, Juju Barney, Parker Lipman whose family owns Zaxby’s, his friend Pat Muresan, Jamaican and Ethiopian model Bethania Locke, Adamo Giraldo, Katie Canham, known as the group’s bombshell, Savannah Gabriel, the Jamaican beauty Chelsea Prescott and Daryl Simmons’ son DJ Simmons.

In other Jersey Shore news, the original cast isn’t happy about MTV forming Jersey Shore 2.0 and has been quite vocal about it. Over a decade after the original show aired, MTV has found a younger cast for a new series that resulted in a social media statement by the original cast. “As a cast that took a chance with a network in need, we put our most vulnerable moments on television for the world to see. We gave our all over the past 13 years, became a family and continue to open our lives for the world. (So) please understand that we are not in support of a version that will exploit our original show, our hard work and authenticity to gain viewers.” And it also reminded people to tune in to the show they’re currently on, Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Sources close to the situation (pun intended) have said that MTV has felt disrespected by the move given that they gave them a major career opportunity. Just the same, Jersey Shore Family Vacation is still scheduled to air and so far, there’s no hard feelings.

You can watch Buckhead Shore Thursdays at 9pm ET