Photo Credit: Lady Gaga/Instagram

It’s been about 3 months since Lady Gaga had one of her French bulldogs stolen and her dog walker Ryan Fischer shot in the process and now the law has weighed in on the matter. Five people have been arrested for taking part in the heist and assault to include James Jackson, 18; Jaylin White, 19; and Lafayette Whaley, 27, all charged with one count each of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit robbery and second-degree robbery. Jackson faces a count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and a felon carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle. White faces one count of assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury.

And now for the mastermind of the ordeal. Harold White, 40 appears to be the one who orchestrated it all recruited Jennifer McBride, 50 to return the dogs for the $500,000 bounty. While any fool could see that is a setup, that’s a pretty nice carrot dangling in your face that could skew one’s judgement. White and McBride have been charged with one count each of being accessories after the crime. All except for McBride were documented gang members in LA.

“This was a brazen street crime that left a man seriously wounded,” District Attorney George Gasc√≥n said in a statement Thursday. “We have alleged very serious charges in this case and have faith that justice will be appropriately served as this case unfolds in court.”

Fischer, who had to have part of his lung removed since the incident shared his gratitude to Lady gaga for her “support throughout this whole crisis to both me and my family.”

“But your support as a friend, despite your own traumatic loss from your kids, was unwavering. I love you and thank you. And now? A lot of healing still needs to happen, but I look forward to the future and the moment when I get bombarded with kisses and licks (and maybe even an excitement pee?) from Asia, Koji, and Gustav,” he wrote on Instagram.

This matter is still under investigation and any updates will be provided here.