Photo Credit: Nas/Instagram

Nas and Jay-Z had one of the more iconic rap beefs in the genre’s history and so much so that Nas apparently likes to tease Jay about it through text. That’s what he said on his new track Thun where he said “No beef or rivals, they playing ‘Ether’ on TIDAL / Brothers can do anything when they decide to / In a Range Rover, dissecting bars from ‘Takeover’ / Sometimes I text Hova like, ‘N-gga, this ain’t over,’ laughing.”

The beef between these two went on from the 90s through about 2005 and depending on how you interpret lyrics, some argue it never really ended. But if there’s any question about where these two stand, it appears to be summed up here as being water under the bridge. The track is on Nas’ 16th studio album King’s Disease III, the third in a trilogy co-executive produced by Hit-Boy. Relishing in his place as an elder statesman now three albums into the series and the 4th co-executive produced by Hit-Boy, the album has 17 tracks with hits such as “Ghetto Reporter,” “Recession Proof,” “I’m on Fire,” “Once a Man, Twice a Child,” “Don’t Shoot,” and the bonus “Til My Last Breath.”

The musical chemistry between Nas and Hit-Boy was explained by the two in a 2021 Complex interview where Nas said, “I feel like every song we make, without even consciously doing it, we’re trying to make it better than the last. It’s just already embedded in us to do that. I feel like as long as we keep taking that approach, it’s going to get crazier and crazier, and that’s what happened. I keep seeing every day like, ‘Damn, how would y’all top KD1 that y’all won a Grammy for? This is even better.’ That’s a good feeling, and it lets me know that the chemistry is legit. I feel like we caught it quick. Like, the first day we came through, we recorded ‘All Bad,’ and that made KD1.”

Check out Nas’ new track Thun below and tell us if you think him and Jay-Z have really buried the hatchet or was this just wordplay?