Photo Credit: George Rivera

Glee actress Naya Rivera will have been dead now for a year come July 8th and her father George Rivera is just now speaking out about a call he had with her just minutes before she died. Apparently he was trying to give her safety tips for being in the water with the rented pontoon she and her son Josey were on that she unfortunately didn’t follow. He spoke about the ordeal in a People Magazine interview.

“She would always bounce stuff off me. And she wanted to go swimming with Josey out in the middle of the lake.” He says he took a break from remodeling his Knoxville, Tennessee home to take the Facetime call from her. “I could see that the wind was blowing and my stomach was just cringing. I kept telling her, ‘Don’t get out of the boat! Don’t get out of the boat! It will drift away when you’re in the water.’”

“It was just heartbreaking,” he said. He screenshot her in singlasses and a baseball cap when the call faded out. “I had this bad feeling that was just killing me,” he remembers. And hours later she was reported as missing. That was when his grandson was found asleep on the boat while she was out missing. Her body was found 5 days later.

“It’s still pretty much a big blur of pain almost a year later,” a crying George said. “Things are slowly coming a little more into focus, but I don’t know if I’ll ever find closure from this. I miss her every day.”