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NBA Youngboy is the first rapper to have a Number One album in the past 3 years and has 7 children. With that being said, he would seem to be the last person one would expect to be parading around in makeup. He spoke on Clubhouse a bit about his appearance and why he likes wearing makeup. “I like painting my face, putting makeup on,” he said. “I like to look in the mirror and see everything black. Like my eyes and sh*t.” DJ Akademiks was there listening and mentioned that he’s seen him wear black makeup and asked him to clarify.

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“That’s one hundred percent real! That’s me being myself,” said YoungBoy. “Just, I don’t know. I feel comfortable that way.” He admitted that he made his engineer go to MAC cosmetics and purchase the makeup for him. “It give me like, the goth feeling, like rockstars.”

Clubhuse as an app has had a huge usage drop since the pandemic. Twitter has their new Spaces feature which mimics Clubhouse and that too likely has taken away from Clubhouse’s traffic. But the addition of NBA Youngboy has brought them major numbers they hadn’t previously seen before. “After NBA YoungBoy joined Clubhouse and his entire fan base flocked to the app. Clubhouse went from being ranked 60th on the App Store to being top 5 in a matter of days,” tweeted DJ Akademiks.

If NBA Youngboy’s talking about himself wearing makeup and that’s enough tor skyrocket Clubhouse’s traffic, imagine what else we might hear from him and what it could do for the platform. Maybe he can tell his what he was thinking when he bodyslammed his girlfriend a while back.