Photo Credit: NBA Youngboy/Instagram

NBA Youngboy has been breaking records from being the Number One artist on Youtube to having a Number One hit 2019, 2020 and 2021 all at 22 years old. But he had a rather startling message overshadowing things this week when he took a stack of money and spelled out the words “You N*ggas Gon’ Die” across the floor. Basically he’s been beefing with Lil Durk and NLE Choppa for years and just decided to step things up a little bit. Now Choppa just announced he was delaying his album out of respect for Young Dolph, but that’s all the more reason posts about killing competition should be seen as inappropriate right now.

Well his producer Jason “Cheese” Goldberg who worked heavily on Youngboy’s mixtape Colors has said he’s going to be taking a break before coming back with his next full length project. PSA: A select few songs probably (maybe) will drop from now until then but Top will not be seen or heard from into his album approximately #6months from now,” Goldberg wrote on Instagram. “We have some amazing songs for you thank you for everything #HealingTime #RockPeace #ForeverBro.”

Given that he’s put out two albums and 4 mixtapes since 2020 alone, if he does take a break, it’s well deserved. And hopefully when he returns he can tone things down with the opps. Durk already responded with a post of his own saying “Hurry ya’ll b*tch a** up” apparently showing he’s ready. It might just be social media but we know that’s where it starts.