Photo Credit: NBA Youngboy/Instagram

Over the weekend, during rap’s biggest event, the Rolling Loud festival, rapper NBA Youngboy was involved in one of many shootouts. His occurred in front of the Trump hotel in Sunny Isle, Florida. His girlfriend was hit along with a 5 year old boy. His Security wasn’t charged for firing back as they were doing so in self-defense. One of the resort staff died in the melee. The 19 year old rapper was arrested this afternoon, however for violating his probation. He was sentenced to 3 years probation and a 10 year suspended sentence. The probation was revoked because of a video he posted to social media following the shooting where he vowed to retaliate and is set to be detained for a minimum of 30 days.

One of the conditions of his probation was to stay off of social media. We all know that hasn’t happened but threatening violence when he stood before a judge in 2017 when he was named “Baton Rouge’s most promising” and vowed to stay out of trouble because he learned his lesson, there was no way he was getting away with this. And the offense in 2017 was aggravated assault with a firearm despite no one being killed. He’s also been arrested twice since then. While lucky to be alive and even to have Security that would go to such great lengths to protect him, but instead he had to go and ruin it. His attorney, Jimmy Manasseh says he was only arrested because of his social media post but reminded everyone that he was the victim here. While true, he still violated probation and issued a public threat. Mind you, most people would probably do the same if they were attacked so maybe some type of leniency and understanding might be seen by the judge. But given his arrest record, we’re not holding our breath.