Photo Credit: NeNe Leakes/Instagram

NeNe Leakes is furthering her lawsuit against Bravo and the producers behind The Real Housewives of Atlanta this time by dragging Eboni K. Williams from the New York franchise into the mix. She cited one of the show’s OG’s, Romana Singer who allegedly said once “This is why we shouldn’t have Black people on the show.” The comment was made in reference to Williams and her discussions about social justice and Black Lives Matter that appeared to make the women of the Real Housewives of New York uncomfortable, on top of the fact that she was the first black woman on the cast. And despite allegedly making the comment, Singer was then given another spinoff to be a part of.

The suit reads “In May 2021, Eboni K. Williams was introduced as RHONY’s first Black housewife. Williams soon observed and reported racially-offensive conduct and/or statements by longtime white housewife Ramona Singer. Public reports suggest that Singer had made racially-inappropriate remarks about Black people, including stating: “This is why we shouldn’t have black people on the show.”

It continues “Despite the allegations made against Singer – at least some of which were reportedly corroborated by the internal investigation and confirmed by another housewife in addition to Williams – NBC and Bravo continued thereafter to reward Singer. Indeed, NBC and Bravo chose to employ Singer as one of the seven housewives on its premiere season of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.”

Her lawsuit claims costar Heather Robinson said she heard the remark but Bravo claimed they couldn’t corroborate the claim. “Reportedly, Williams lodged an internal complaint alleging racially offensive behavior by Singer in the summer of 2021. …. Reportedly, the internal investigation corroborated [racial] allegations made in December 2020 by [another] crew member, but supposedly not those made by Williams.”

The suit goes on to say “The claim that the investigation did not substantiate the allegations made by Williams is curious. Housewife Heather Thompson has publicly stated: “I was there and I heard Ramona [Singer] say that and I freaked out.” Thus, a proper investigation should have been able to corroborate the allegations made by Williams.”

Recently on TMZ, Mysterious from Making the Band, now known as Misty Blanco commented on the situation suggesting that NeNe, as the highest paid castmember on the Atlanta Housewives and arguably the most successful of all the franchises take her talent and prove that she can’t be held back by moving on.