Photo Credit: Nene Leakes/Instagram

Nene Leakes was caught on camera in an airport face to face with a disgruntled fan, or friend of a fan, rather who was confronting her about her rude behavior. She said that when her friend Sheneaque Tisdale approached her, she was met with a “yuck face, like ‘girl don’t touch me.’” And that’s when Tiana Barr chose to intervene telling Nene just what she thought about her behavior to a very uncaring Nene Leakes.

“Y’all I really had to read NeNe Leakes because Sheneaqua Tisdale tried to speak to her and she gave her the yuck face like, ‘girl don’t touch me,’” Barr wrote on social media, according to a screenshot shared by TSR. “And, my thing is, she’s supposed to be this role model and idol, but that’s not what a role model and idol does … everything the girls be saying about her on the show is true, and I had to tell her about herself,” she continued.

“So, she proceeded to talk reckless and so did I,” Barr wrote. “She even went as far as saying I’m going to get my a– whipped and I told her ‘That will be the day gurrrr”… she called security on me thinking that was going to stop me from getting on the flight… the security officer didn’t even know her,” Barr concluded, adding the hashtag, “She Is Beyond Rude”.

Now, for one, everyone has a bad day. It happens and we always tell people that sometimes it isn’t personal but you know what they say about first impressions. Clearly Barr and Tisdale just weren’t having it that day. But in the video, you can hear Nene say she was on a phone call and that she didn’t have to do anything. While true, of course she could have worded it better or apologized for not being available or at least smiled and waved at them. Does this confirm that Nene is rude? Well it certainly doesn’t make her out to be the nicest of people. Meh.

Glitzers, check out the video of Nene Leakes’ confrontation with a fan below: