Photo Credit: Yovanna Momplaisir/Instagram; Bravo

Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been explosive with an even more explosive reunion. If there were any fans that were originally disappointed in hearing the reunion would be taped virtually, there’s no way they could have been once it was all said and done. Things started off with NeNe Leakes doing interview after interview talking about how she was going to have a reading session and go up one side of the girls and down the other. This lead the rest of the cast and a lot of viewers to believe she paid someone to write her one liners. Slamming her laptop shut and walking away with her camera aiming at her notes probably didn’t help with that notion.

When the third installment of the reunion began, theories about why NeNe got up and walked away were discussed. She said in subsequent interviews that she was getting all the questions and she felt as if Andy had forgotten everyone else was there. She even went so far as saying he needed to make the others work for their paychecks… yet there they all were discussing her, the Big Bad Wolf who had left and was now on the phone with Porsha on camera. The reality is that as Kandi Burruss stated on her Speak On It series on Youtube, everyone had long stopped talking about NeNe when she got up to leave.

Yovanna Momplaisir posted a photo insinuating she would be coming on to the reunion to clear the air which is as Eva Marcille said, caused her to get up and leave. Her exit occurred within seconds of seeing the post. Andy said she told producers to “put some respect” on her name. Apparently she was told Yovanna would not be there and felt her presence went against what they had agreed upon. Andy was still lost in trying to understand why NeNe wouldn’t want to defend herself in the whole Snakegate scenario where she threw Yovanna completely under the bus. She has gone on to say after filming wrapped during the season that Yovanna was thirsty for television time and yet when Yovanna showed up to clear her name after coming across as a pawn of NeNe’s and a snake that just lied about recording people for the sake of drama, Ms. Leakes was nowhere to be found.

The craziness that was Snakegate was revealed by Yovanna to be NeNe asking her to let her know if anyone in the group was talking trash about her, which Yovanna said wasn’t a terrible thing because you’d do that for any friend. Where the line was crossed was when NeNe asked her to get recordings of people. She said that went against her morals, so she didn’t do that. She instead lied to lead NeNe on to believe she had a recording to pacify her ego. The person thrown under the bus was Cynthia Bailey who other than feeling violated cared absolutely nothing about the possibility of a tape of her talking about NeNe. She said during this season that NeNe could take the tape and “stick it up her ass.”

In the Yovanna said NeNe sent her a cease and desist order to destroy any recordings she might have of her as well.It’s also worth noting that Kenya said NeNe tried to sue Bravo for keeping her from getting another show. She said NeNe complained about having repeat meetings that all went well but never materialized into anything.

And here we have the end of this season with the biggest question not being Kenya’s marriage falling apart, Porsha reconciling with her husband or any of the other table shaking relationship drama but what on Earth is going on with NeNe Leakes? She went from a spiritual journey and an apology tour for completely dismissing everyone last season to writing a song dissing everyone and going around reading almost the entire cast once again. Remember that time she left Atlanta for LA and invited the cast out to see her treating everyone as being beneath her now that she’s moved away? Well here she is about 3 boutique openings later and in Atlanta still in need of the women she has clearly shown she does not care for.

Someone seems to be at a mid-life crises. Guess we’ll see what NeNe decides to do with herself next year. Everyone else seems to be happy and content with where they are except for her and on paper, she seems to be doing pretty well. If Bravo wants some good footage, sitting on a therapy session or five will help us figure out what is going on in that head of hers. By the way Bravo, that one was free.