Photo Credit: Nene Leakes/Instagram; Greg Leakes/Instagram

Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes gave the sad news to The Jasmine Brand last month that her husband Gregg’s cancer had returned and that he wasn’t doing well at all. He had been in the hospital for a week after having surgery, had lost weight, etc. And it came at quite the inopportune time as she recently opened a lounge in Atlanta where her presence is necessary for its initial success.

Leakes did, however have some good news to share today. She was scheduled to host The Talk today and was noticeably absent. When a fan brought that up on Twitter, she replied, “I was [supposed] to be hosting The Talk today,” she tweeted on Wednesday (July 28), adding, “But I got good news that Gregg was coming home after being hospitalized 6 weeks.”

When she announced that his cancer had returned in June, she said her husband’s phone went off so much with people wishing him well, he thought it was broken. “Hey guys….I was really caught off guard in that interview when asked about Gregg,” she wrote on Instagram aboutt the overwhelming response they received. “He’s a private person so i hadn’t said anything publicly (his wishes) (Only our circle really know details) and really sometimes it’s best that way because people just read into it whatever they want too and family, whew Chileeeeee i just can’t. Gregg told me this morning he had 80 text messages and wanted to know what was wrong wit his phone. Thank you for your many prayers[,] text messages and calls,” she wrote on Instagram. “PS: Gregg says to me, keep smiling.”

These two have almost come to the point of a second divorce and even talked about seeing other people at one point as she said dealing with him while he had cancer had simply become unbearable. It’s great to see him doing better and that they’re in a better place. It’s nothing like a clean bill of health to bring a couple closer together.