Photo Credit: NeNe Leakes/Instagram

NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey had quite the bipolar relationship while being on the Real Housewives of Atlanta together. The former supermodel Cynthia Bailey had just moved to Atlanta with her fiance and signed a friendship contract with her friend NeNe Leakes. As time went by, Cynthia set the contract on fire, which is absolutely overly dramatic AF, she was referred to as being weak with no backbone by Leakes several times, made up, broke up, made up, etc. several times. But in the end, she wrote Leakes telling her how she’s one of a kind in a text that Leakes posted to her Instagram along with several others to show the support and uplifting messages she’s received.

Bethenny Frankel simply wished Leakes good luck because from one titan to another, and one who has parlayed her career into many other things, Frankel knows that Leakes has amazing things ahead of her. Tanya Sam, who Leakes told once that she didn’t care if she got married to her fiance or not even said she missed her already. And to put that comment in perspective, it’s a show. Everything is done on level 10 dramatics. Leakes said she was going through a tough time with her husband then and Sam’s relationship was the last thing on her mind. They’ve since made up but even with all of that, neither remained stuck on their past feuds as evidenced in their message exchange.

Leakes has been on the Real Housewives of Atlanta the entire show except for Season 9. And as Ashley Darby said, she set the standard and she’s definitely made reality television history. Co-star Kenya Moore came on season 5 of the show with a whirlwind who has clearly been gunning for the top spot. We’re going to see how that pans out with Leakes gone. She shot a television show pilot that was never picked up and has plenty of production and acting credits so the potential is there careerwise. We’re going to see if she’s able to fulfill her goal of hopping in Leakes’ shoes or not.