Photo Credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta star and OG of the series, Nene Leakes and Destiny’s Child songstress Kelly Rowland both appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live and their time on the show is just as memorable as one would expect. Nene Leakes had a late entrance onto the show this season, reportedly due to late contract negotiations, giving her costar and arch nemesis a chance to get a leg up on her competition. Given that the two have generally always had issues with each other, it’s no surprise that host Andy Cohen would dive directly into their relationship, rip off the bandaid and ask Leakes to name 3 nice things about Kenya Moore. And to his credit, it wasn’t a completely shady question as he does actually try to heal the gaps between these women because his job, after all, is to have them return and work with each other.

Leakes’s response to Cohen’s question started off with shade so we knew it was headed downhill after that. “Um, yeah, sure. You know, I’m not the real evil one here, okay?” Evil, Nene? Ouch. “Uh, I think she has nice contacts,” NeNe said before trying her best to think up a second compliment. “I think she has a nice grade of hair,” she finally said. Even Rowland felt the need to chime in to get her on the right side of this one saying, “Come on, NeNe, a real one!” She responded, “These are so real,” and finished off saying, “And I think the line around her lips is nice.” Damn, Nene. Now that has to be the blandest of compliments. Although she could have really stooped and said something like stating she wears lotion now, for those who remember that time castmate Porsha Williams talked about her feet being ashy.

Later on a caller who stated they were #TeamTwirl (a fan of Moore’s) called with a question for Leakes. They said that they knew she and Moore weren’t the closest now, but if they were, what type of relationship advice would she give her. This is where the real Leakes came out with some empathy to the situation of what Moore’s been going through, saying “You should continue to watch the show because I actually do give her some advice that I do not want to give away, so tune in,” she said, adding, “I will say this: I’ve been married the longest in the group. I love love, and I hate to see a family break up, so I definitely offer advice.” Now that was good Nene. We’re glad to see that she’s not a complete cold-hearted B. She might not be, but at times, she can completely disconnect with the rest of the cast, particularly when she feels everyone’s ganging up on her and can come across completely harsh and nasty.