Photo Credit: Cuba Gooding, Jr/Instagram

Cuba Gooding, Jr. was arrested and released last week for allegedly groping a woman at a Midtown Manhattan bar with a court date coming up but things might be changing in his favor soon. While not clear, footage of the accuser following him to confront him a full hour after the incident occurred has been released. Now he admitted to touching her thigh, but she maintains that he touched her breast without her consent. He says he was simply reaching for her hand to kiss it.

The video begins with his girlfriend Claudine De Niro going upstairs first to the rooftop deck area of Magic Hour Rooftop Lounge. Two seconds later the accuser came, followed by Gooding who came with a security guard three seconds after that. A bar host was walking and talking with Gooding after he walked past the accuser when the accuser was suggested to go the opposite direction when she attempted to follow him. What isn’t clear here is whether she was trying to follow him to spend time together to shoot her shot or was it to discuss what happened downstairs. Either way, this story is currently unfolding and we’ll continue reporting on it as more details reveal themselves.

NEW Video Footage:

Groping Footage: