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YFN Lucci might have just had his G Wagon shot up a week ago but he’s still here and it hasn’t stopped him from working. Over the weekend he just released the slow jam All Night Long with Trey Songz. The track samples Case’s 2001 hit Missing You and will be featured on his next release. The song is a departure from his usual tougher side but the two make for a good collaborating duo. And in an era where so many rappers are coming out at the same time coming off as carbon copies, this definitely sets him apart. And after all, there will be plenty of time for him to maintain his street cred.

Just a few months ago he was exchanging jabs with Young Thug debating about whether or not Thugger was going to slap him or not. In the end, neither touched the other, but since both of them had vehicles of theirs shot up during the same weekend, they can move forward with their music and keep this type of beefing to a minimum because for a moment, neither of them were going to be around to slap the other.

And speaking of all night long, Trey Songz just announced having a baby over the weekend as well posting a pic of his newborn saying, My son Noah. We are blessed and overjoyed.” Baby announcements are always great but then no one knows who the mother of the child is. That’s a little odd but when you realize that the mother of his child isn’t anyone’s business but his, it makes a lot more sense. On the other hand, knowing the industry, we’re going to find out who it is anyway, so that really doesn’t matter. Many speculate that it’s the porn star Brittney Jones who posted screenshots and all of him talking to her while dating Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey, but time will tell if that’s the case.

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