Denzell Theodore’s a New York model we’ve previously covered as an Eye Candy pick of ours who’s since been covered by Sandra Rose and apparently added into which says to us he’s definitely headed on his way to stardom. And to address Sandra Rose, Denzell is hot. That’s a given and we know so because the comments we’ve seen on social media about him years later still confirm so. Sandra attempted to shade him in her piece simultaneously while she resembles something under a park bench. And any shade thrown in his direction is nothing more than hate.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, Denzel’s an Aquarius. That means that he’s both strikingly unique and full of surprises. It’s the latter that had us excited about getting a hold of his cakes for this piece. Not exactly literally but you all get the point. And just like the rest of him, they do not disappoint. The pics that is.

Glitzers, check out New York model Denzel Theodore and his cakes below:

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