Photo Credit: Tampa Police Department

Ventell Bryant literally just got signed to the Dallas Cowboys 6 months ago and already he’s found himself in legal jeapordy. Footage from his March 11th Tampa, FL DUI arrest was just released and he’s seen failing each of the tests he was given. From walking one foot in front of the other, balancing on one leg and touching his nose while looking to the sky, he didn’t necessarily look to be doing that bad to us, but the officer did document that he smelled like alcohol when pulling him over.

The sad part is that it wasn’t his driving that got him pulled over, but the fact his 2019 Dodge Charger had the lights off while he was driving. Come on, bro. And when he was getting cuffs put on him, he said “I can’t afford this.” He’s absolutely right. He was in a car with two other guys. Couldn’t one drink for the sake of protecting their star playing friend?

And we don’t know who he was in the car with but since their names weren’t mention, they’re likely not big names and a good chance that his success directly translates to theirs. When that’s the case, you’re supposed to protect your friend and make sure nothing happens to them. But given how the officer repeatedly told them to get in the car while they complained about what was going on, they probably had been drinking as well. When they asked which test he failed, the officer said, “every last one of them.”

Bryant tested blood-alcohol levels of .102 and .099, which exceed the .08 legal limit in Florida resulting in a misdemeanor DUI and an April court date. Prayers that this hiccup doesn’t smear his career and that he learns not to do this again. On the bright side, jails and prisons seem less keen on keeping people unnecessarily with the coronavirus crises so he’d better pray he gets some leniency.