Photo Credit: Sade Valentine/Instagram

Robby Anderson just made his fiance Sade’s Christmas with a gift that literally knocked her out. A custom Mercedes G-Wagon came in a glass box from Dreamworks Motorsports that sent her falling to the ground in shock. “Oh my God!” she screamed repeatedly. THANK YOU HUSBAAAAND OMFG 😭😭😭,” she wrote on social media after getting the car. “………….THIS CAN’T BE REAL, THIS IS MY ULTIMATE DREAAAAM CAR YALL!! 🥺 wow I love you!!!!!”
This comes days after he proposed to her and right after signing a $29.5 million contract with the Carolina Panthers during the off-season.

Over the summer Anderson chose to commemorate his time in the league with a diamond ring with 16 carats of VVS diamonds by Gabriel The Jeweler with his nickname The Chosen One etched on it. He got it in August and it came in at $40,000. So we can imagine what her engagement ring cost.

HE also comes with a bit of aggression as well. Back in 2018 he was pulled over for going over 100 mph in a 45 mph zone and made the most grotesque threat to the arresting officer. He said he was going to find their wife, “f*ck her and nut in her eye.” Now for those who have a cuck fetish, that might not disturb them, but the average person.. yeah. That’s a bit much. It caused him to have 9 charges and to possibly face 15 years in prison but in the end it only resulted in just one misdemeanor speeding charge. So long as he focuses that energy of nutting in his wife’s eye and not random public servants in the future, he should be fine.