Photo Credit: Saweetie/Instagram; Nick Cannon/Instagram

Baby making machine Nick Cannon got caught shooting his shot at rapper Saweetie. It started with her tweeting “I want some babies” Saturday. One of the last times we heard her talk about children was hinting towards having some with her ex Quavo but we all saw that elevator video leading to their breakup so that ship has long sailed. But in response to her little rant came Nick Cannon volunteering writing 🤔🥷🤣🙋🏾‍♂️. Now Nick has 7 kids right now with 4 baby mothers and isn’t in a relationship with any of them to my knowledge. His therapist told him he needs to be celebate and he’s been talking about it on his new talk show everyday. This doesn’t sound like he’s trying very hard..

In other Saweetie news, she’s slated to be on Saturday Night Live as a musical guest on November 20th as Simu Liu hosts. She visited her alma mater of the University of Southern California where she spoke about her plans to become a billionaire in the next two years. She took questions from students fielded from Prof. Albert Napoli. “So your screensaver on your phone, what does it represent?” asked Napoli, referring to the rapper’s phone screen that features a photo of the word “$1 billion” on it.

“A billion. [Those are] my goals,” Saweetie responded, before saying she thinks it’ll take her “two years” to reach her goal of becoming a billionaire. “The reason why people like me, entertainers, do things quicker than those who came before us is because of cultural velocity. If the culture loves you, you have the potential to cut what it took someone else did in half,” Saweetie explained. “So because I’ve seen what those who have done before me, I know what they did and now I know what to do.”

She added, “Because of social media, because of the internet… It’s like a wild, wild west. Anything can happen.” She says plans to have 15 or more streams of income to do this. “I know I’m capable of doing this,” the rapper said. “But of course there are things that I know that are off-limits for me. I know my boundaries.”

Can Saweetie become a billionaire? Yes. She might want to think twice about responding to that tweet from Nick Cannon because it might take her a little bit longer if she gets wrapped up in him and she might end up helping him with tose 7 kids he already has. We’re sure it was already in jest. But we can’t be sure.