Photo Credit: Nick Young/Instagram

NBA fans are just about all aware of Paul Pierce’s epic firing over a viral video of him surrounded by strippers and escorts on the spot this week. First up for his replacement is Nick Young who’s expressed his interest in taking Pierce’s spot on Twitter with a casual lol at the end. But let’s take him at his word here for a second. Young could actually be a decent addition for ESPN considering the fact he’s played for the Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers, the Lakers, and the Golden State Warriors.

Now Young hasn’t played in the NBA since being waived by the Nuggets in 2018 but it isn’t because he hasn’t been trying. Last summer he campaigned for the Lakers to pick him up which apparently hasn’t happened and regarding Pierce’s firing, they have a lot in common. To start, they’re the same age. The 6’7 baller has also gone on TMZ and explained how he feels everyone should be able to do cocaine. With Pierce having that same habit, they’re not too far apart. What Young might want to do is keep that type of behavior off of the internet and alas, don’t laugh too hard. The two, who are the same age just might end up in the same boat should he be hired and any of the antics that his ex Iggy Azalea said she wanted to cut his d*ck off over get back to his potential employer ESPN.