Photo Credit: RapCaviar

For the last week the hip hop community has been in debate about who the top rapper of the 2010s is that would be last on Mt. Rushmore next to Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole. And we finally got an answer. Nicki Minaj made the top spot. In their poll, the other artists to choose from were Future, Kanye West and Lil Wayne who received 17.9%, 33.1 and 9.1% respectively.

Nicki was able to make her announcement that she won by doing something not many of us get a chance at which was by dunking on Lebron James. She quote retweeted his choice of Future by saying, “Never thought I’d get the opportunity to give you the alley oop,” Nicki wrote in her retweet of LeBron’s pick. “But you almost had it. It’s N I C K I…EMMMM I N A J!!!!!!!!!!!!!”