Photo Credit: Lil Nas X/Instagram

Lil Nas X took the internet by storm with his newly released single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” that garnered all types of controversy. The gist of the video was that if people were going to be saying he was going to Hell for being gay, that is exactly what he did in the video, went there in red pigtail braids and twerked on Satan’s lap. It’s actually quite hilarious how upset people are about it with people like Turning Point USA’s Rob Smith doing video think pieces on it. (Whatever). Anyway, since then, Nas, whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill has announced releasing his very own Nike ‘Satan shoes’ with human blood in them for a whopping $1,018. That’s actually not a bad idea, especially for those who need something to spend their stimmies on. (Seriously, don’t go spending that on $1,000 shoes. It was a joke.)

Nike has since told Snopes that “Nike did not release nor design these shoes.” It turns out they’re being made by the viral company MSCHF that buys the shoes, decorates them and then resells them on their own. A 2020 Business Insider profile of the company described them as “creating some of the most absurd, cynical, and viral projects and products that have spread across the internet.” Other products of there’s have included “range from an astrology-based stock trading app, to a toaster-shaped bathbomb, to Holy Water-filled sneakers.” Now that toaster bathbomb is a nice gag gift for someone you can’t stand. I’m adding that to my Christmas list.

Now if you’re still interested in these ‘Satan shoes,’ you can purchase them from beginning 11am on March 29th and only 666 will be available. And if you’re still offended by either the video or the shoe, he uploaded a video titled, Lil Nas X Apologizes for Satan Shoe that actually just promotes the music video lol.