Nikko London was Mimi Faust’s young rapper boy toy she used to get back at her baby daddy Stevie J. They had a highly circulated sex tape with Nikko showing off everything fans had been wanting to see of him the whole season. It did however leave his rap partner Johnny Chrome to leave the reality tv scene for good and even change his name. Having K Michelle accuse them both of being gay I’m sure didn’t help. Personally I don’t buy it because she seeks to emasculate every man she gets into an argument with with claims of them being gay. That’s why her p*ssy’s cursed. That isn’t my assumption, she’s said it herself on Love & Hip Hop. She had to shake salt around her bed to keep the sex demons away. But as for Nikko, he needs to be in his underwear more often and what I’m hoping is he’ll do like Agu Ukaogo aka King Agu from Bravo’s Invite Only Cabo and create an OnlyFans account selling his nudes. That sex tape was a few years ago. We need a refresher of what it looks like 🙂

Glitzers, check out Nikko from Love & Hip Hop’s eggplant below: