Photo Credit: NcredibleGang/Instagram

Nick Cannon was abruptly fired from Viacom, his television home of over 20 years and he has been going full speed ahead into reputation repair ever since. He’s apologized to the Jewish community, Viacom boss Shari Redstone and has been writing literal “book reports” on his Facebook page every week since on what he’s learned about the Jewish community. And this is on top of those within the community he’s met. He even penned a piece for the Anti-Defamation League. Trust and believe, he’s covering all of his bases.

But one piece of contradictory news just unearthed itself where Cannon was reported to be planning to sue Viacom for $1.5 billion. This was first reported by The Shade Room where the source claimed that Cannon “has brought billions of dollars in revenue to Viacom since 2015. And Nick deserves and has earned everything it is worth.” This is in reference to his 15 year old hit show Wild N’Out.

Cannon’s rep denies this saying that reports of this are “inaccurate.” They went on to say “Nick’s focus right now is on unifying communities and combating bigotry, racism and hate of all kinds, not seeking personal financial gain.”

While we’re inclined to believe his rep, this very well could have been his plans when this all first occurred. He probably thought about it and decided not to take a Monique route spending years going after a big name and just decided to rehabilitate his image and move forward. And who’s to say who in his team decided to go run to the media with this claim? There’s always that one willing to sell their friends out for a story. Keep your head down Nick, you’ll be back in no time. You all might remember he had a daytime talk show scheduled to begin in September that’s been postponed until 2021. Hopefully after a couple more months of him laying low he’ll be able to start it soon. At least he’s still hosting Masked Singer until then.