Photo Credit: Bismarck Police Department

There are many bold ways to kill your spouse. One of the most prolific of them is to try to do it in the parking lot of the police department. That is what Derek Dillman, 32 of North Dakota tried to do when he was turning himself in Tuesday morning for outstanding warrants related to driving with a suspended license and trying to flee from the police last year. On his way there in the passenger seat with his girlfriend Michelle Kihlstrom driving, he changed his mind, got irate and started kicking the dashboard. Fearing for her life sh started running red lights to get there sooner. She was told twice, “I am going to f**king kill you.”

A probably cause affidavit stated, “Michelle stated after she ran the red light, Derek wrapped a Yoyo string around Michelle’s neck and cinched the string in an attempt to kill her as she was turning into the parking lot at the police department.”

Once inside the police department, Kihlstrom said her boyfriend had modified the yo-yo string to be used as a garotte as “he believes the string can slice off a human head.” The string luckily broke and police did say they noticed injury around her neck “consistent with a string or wire.”

Dillman took off in the car the two came in while Kihlstrom was inside the police department, while still suspended from driving. He was spotted later on a mini bike that police attempted to pull over around 2:30 that day. The officer said he responded to their commands by saying, “I have to get to the Capital” before attempting to flee. He was arrested later at the North Dakota State Capital grounds. He told police there his name was Josiah Dire.

Dillman has now been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, terrorizing an adult victim, fleeing a police officer from a felony offense, and attempting to provide false information to law enforcement, as well as yet another citation for driving with a suspended license and has court Thursday.

One question i have about this is how did all of this happen from a suspended license? I want to know what type of person this guy was before all of this started. Did he get behind in fees? Too many tickets? Was this a financial spiral and he was just trying to avoid jail because that’s a thing as well. It doesn’t justify the attempted murder, though. Jesus Christ.