Photo Credit: RecovreingVet/Twitter

Incredible footage of a Del City, Oklahoma police officer trying to rip someone out of their car and firing off almost 10 rounds over a dispute of whether something was paid for or not has hit the internet. The officer was an off duty Langston University PD cop who engaged in an altercation with a customer who then tried to back up while being assaulted, leading to the officer shooting at them 9 times. It’s been reported that the customer had a receipt for their purchases. They just happened to not have that item on there.

Now this is disturbing for many reasons. For one, there is the “don’t do anything and nothing will happen” crowd. But does this warrant shooting someone over? I’m pretty sure he didn’t take off with $5,000 of food. You can take down his tag plate. Why are you trying to drag someone out of their car? Most major stores have a policy of not chasing people and lastly, sir… you don’t even work there. Years ago I was grocery shopping with someone I was dating, and while deep in conversation, apparently neither of us paid for our items at self checkout and were told as much in the parking lot by Security. I believe it was our first time using self-check out. And to think, that could have resulted in assault or being shot at. Smh.

The officer in question is cooperating with the Del City Police Dept, which is investigating the matter. The issue in policing clearly goes beyond regular police. Not paying for an item in one’s cart shouldn’t warrant the escalation of being shot at or trying to forcibly remove someone from their car. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that swift action is taken here.