Photo Credit: Offset/Instagram

Rapper Offset should consider himself a lucky man today as he barely escaped peril when a drive by shooting occurred at an Atlanta area studio he was in last night. Apparently, he had just stepped out for a moment when an SUV pulled up shooting inside the studio, a number of cars outside and an apartment. A call reporting a shooting happened at shortly after 9 pm. While it isn’t clear why this occurred, coincidentally just a few months ago, his wife Cardi B gave the address of a studio she was in on Instagram once stating that anyone who wanted to fight could come see her. We’re not sure if this was the same studio but you have to be careful with sharing your location or just inviting trouble that way. There’s also the coincidence of it all happening conveniently while Offset was outside. Did he have something to do with it? We would certainly hope not.

The shooting happened about a week after a warrant was issued for his arrest for smacking a phone out of a fan’s hand for trying to film him without his consent while out shopping. Given the fact he had a warrant for his arrest, it’s no surprise he was gone by the time police arrived. His wife Cardi B had a performance at the Hollywood Palladium that night which she showed up hours late for most likely due to concern about her husband. She was in L.A. and the performance was the Fashion Nova Presents: Party With Cardi for the launch of her Fashion Nova line. The party started at 8:00 but she didn’t make it there until 1 am, after a lot of the guests had already left. It’s understandable though, given the circumstances. They’re a young couple that have had their number of ups and downs and we’re just happy to see both at the top of their game and together. The last thing we’d want is to see something happen either of them.