Photo Credit: Hugo Carlier/igotvisions

Rapper Offset had a good evening last night while he was all boo’d up with wife Cardi B as she won Top Rap Female Artist and Top Rap Song awards at the Billboard Music Awards. This was even bigger of a deal considering how the two had split up and his wife said there was no way of them getting back together. This was short lived as he woke up today with a felony warrant for his arrest over his handling of a fan wanting to take a selfie with him.

Now most artists either smile when they see fans trying to take their picture or just ignore them. But we all have bad days and that seemed to be the case for Offset on April 22nd when a fan approached him with his phone camera turned in his direction saying, “What up, Offset?” Offset replied saying, “Get the fuck out of my face” before smashing his phone to the ground. That resulted in a police report by the fan with the camera, Junior Gibbons which lead to an investigation and now a felony warrant for Offset’s arrest. It’s a felony because the value of the phone was $800, the threshold for a felony in the state of Georgia. On top of that, Offset’s facing a felony gun charge from a traffic stop last summer, totaling 3 charges for 2018 alone.

Why exactly Offset had to react the way he did over a photo is unknown but we do know that UFC fighter Conor Mcgregor went to jail for doing the exact same thing to a fan and attacking a bus last year causing him to be mandated to take anger management. Dare we say Offset should try doing the same? We’re just saying.

Photo Credit: TMZ