Photo Credit: Offset/Instagram

Offset was shopping in Target a few weeks ago when he caught a fan recording him nearby. He apparently wasn’t in the mood that day because he smacked the phone out of his hand, leading to a felony warrant for his arrest for criminal damage to property. He didn’t end up getting arrested but lucky for him, the charges were dropped and the two were able to come to an agreement. He said he just wanted his phone replaced. “When he put his hands up, I thought he was gonna throw up some gang signs or something, but he ended up just smacking my phone down,” the 18 year old fan, Junior Gibbons said. “He didn’t really have to smack my phone like that.”

Drew Findlin, attorney for Offset previously said “This incident, which took place as Mr. Cephus was simply trying to buy items for his youngest child, was not reported to police for four days,” Findling said in a statement to Channel 2. “This so-called ‘victim’ instead took to social media for an extended 15 minutes of fame. There has been absolutely no investigation and nothing has been shown to indicate Mr. Cephus is the cause of any damage to this person’s property. The felony warrant is disgraceful and should be dismissed immediately.”

But it all worked out in the end as Sandy Springs, Georgia police Sgt. Sam Worsham said “All parties involved were able to able to come to an agreement.” As to what the agreement was, it isn’t clear, but we’re sure it involved his iphone 8 being replaced and hopefully something extra from Offset to him since he was after all a fan. Hopefully this will serve as an object lesson that the next time you’re not in the mood to be filmed, ignore it and keep moving.