Photo Credit: Offset/instagram

Rapper Offset just got dragged into his fellow rap group Migos’ lawsuit about stealing clothes from a stylist. It started with Takeoff and Quavo having almost $80,000 of clothes from the styling company Luka Lorena. Their principal Alicia Allicock filed suit against the two alleging breach of contract, conversion and conspiracy to convert property. They would purchased thousands of dollars in clothing, subject to a 20% styling fee and used their management to stonewall and intimidate the company. Takeoff owes $35,625.42 and $44,294.33 for Quavo.

The company alleges that it’s not only styling services they provided but that they raised their profile by offering their services. That’s how they got into Virgil Abloh’s first Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris, the documents state and were the inspiration for Quavo starting a nonprofit organization.

Offset, however has found himself drug into all of this because he refused to provide his social security number for the company’s taxes, preventing them from doing so so he’s now also considered at fault. And this is quite interesting considering they’re the top rap group at the moment that have won countless awards. Offset alone just moved into a 22,000 square foot house and the rest of the group can’t be hurting. Let’s hope this gets taken care of soon. In the words of Madea, “you can’t make yourself happy making everyone else around you miserable.”