Photo Credit: Antonio Brown/Instagram

Antonio Brown has accomplished something no one else in the NFL has been able to do in recent years and that is to garner more press than Colin Kaepernick. It’s just too bad it isn’t for a good reason. The New England Patriots dropped Antonio Brown today, a mere 11 days after signing him amid ongoing rap and harassment accusations. After the team’s coach walked out of a press conference this morning after just 3 minutes because he didn’t feel like talking about Brown, you had to have seen it coming. Well, everyone except for Brown that is since he went training with the team earlier in the day. If he knew ahead of time, he likely would have stayed at home.

A statement from the team read, “We appreciate the hard work of many people over the past 11 days, but we feel that it is best to move in a different direction at this time.” He later tweeted thanking the team for the opportunity which was probably the most levelheaded statements we’ve heard from him in some time. He ranted on Instagram recently that the system doesn’t understand the gifts of the greats. He does, but those greats also can’t be constantly doing things to distract from that greatness.

And just for fun, let’s go over his recent legal cases. There’s the trainer who has accused him of rape two weeks ago. There’s a woman who came out this week saying he sent her menacing text messages. There’s the chef who sued him earlier this year for not paying nearly $40,000 for their work after he kicked them out for putting a fish head in his fridge that frightened him so he never paid another dime after that. He threw two very large vases and an ottoman out of his window and off of his balcony nearly hitting an infant, terrifying the child which also resulted in a lawsuit early 2018 and those are just the ones we can immediately call off. We wish him the best and more importantly hope he gets himself together. He did make an announcement that he’s giving a fan one of his footballs if you comment on his post. On the bright side, if you win it, you’ve got a piece of one of the more dramatic parts of post-Kaepernick football.