Photo Credit: Julian Edelman/Instagram

Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman had quite the weekend in Beverly Hills. His Saturday night involved dinner at Cantina FRIDA and ended with him getting arrested around 9pm walking around with his friends Paul Pierce and Danny Amendola. Apparently he hopped on the hood of a car and caused some damage to it in the process. Being as though he’s 200 pounds, I don’t know what he expected. But an officer also happened to have been outside at the time working on a robbery case when someone flagged him down to let him know what was going on. He was arrested on misdemeanor vandalism and released.

Now just why Edelman was doing all that is beyond us. It isn’t as though his team won anything. They didn’t make it to the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. They were knocked out by the Titans last week. Usually you jump on cats and flip things over when you’ve won. You also tend to not jump around on top of things when you have a knee that needs surgery. Maybe this was him giving his knee a last hoorah before getting it worked on. Obviously he was drinking because if he wasn’t, we’d be concerned about him. It’ll be up to the L.A. County District Attorney on whether to file charges but he could probably get out of it by settling with the owner of the car. And as a pro-tip, if you’re going to engage in debauchery that involves destruction of property, at least wait until after midnight. 9 pm’s a little early to be carrying on like that. Just saying.