Photo Credit: Paul Wall/Instagram

Paul Wall began trending Tuesday with his existence as a white rapper being brought into question. The debate was spawned by Baltimore rapper Miss Kam who wrote on Twitter, “i wanna kno what was it about the social climate that made Bubba Sparxxx n Paul Wall acceptable back in the day lol.” She followed that up saying, “cause that shit would NOT fly in 2021 lol” And of course she’s since deleted the tweet.

While Sparxxx had moderate success with his 2005 hit Ms. New Booty, most of the pushback she received was about Paul Wall. One person wrote, “Paul Wall isn’t just one of the best white rappers, he’s one of the best rappers in general. He didn’t drive something candy coated to crawl like a caterpillar for no reason.” He went on to say, “It’s beyond race with us, he’s proved talent, individuality and longevity wise that the People’s Champ is good in any era.” Another said, “He was also a Certified Grillz dealer before he became a rapper so street cred was there. They better put some respect on my dawg tf??”

The Houston Chronicle took up for him saying, “The supporters are correct. Wall burst onto the national scene a decade ago as part of the Houston rap explosion that included Slim Thug, Chamillionaire and Mike Jones. He remains a tireless champion for his city. It comes up frequently in his lyrics, of course. And you’ll often see him cruising through Houston in a candy-colored slab, the souped-up cars popularized in Houston’s hip-hop culture. He’s the former president of the Recording Academy Texas Chapter and is currently a truste.”

Wall told the Houston Chronicle in 2016 about his talent, “I can rap with Kanye West and hold it down. I can rap with Riff Raff and hold it down. I can rap with A$AP Rocky and hold it down. I can rap with Travis Scott and hold it down. But I wanna rap with Slim Thug, Lil Keke and Z-Ro and hold it down.”

“I’ve always felt like there’s no place like Texas. I love Houston. I never wanted to be a success and move to New York or be a success and move to Atlanta or Miami or L.A. To me, driving a slab was always a thousand times better than driving a Rolls Royce.”

And Miss Kam did NOT back down. She went on to say, “the point stands. y’all tew sensitive in 2021. it would be think pieces, dissertations, and whole articles on them men. don’t be dense! i promise yall don’t gotta agree wit everybody else on Twitter to look cool,” she added.

For what it is worth, Wall is still in the industry, isn’t going anywhere and just released an album last year titled, Subculture.