Photo Credit: The GoodTime Hotel/Instagram

Rapper and producer Pharrell has just opened a hotel on Miami Beach named The GoodTime Hotel which was a star studded affair. Situated a couple blocks off of Ocean Drive, the hotel was launched as a joint venture with his business partner David Grutman known as the King of Miami nightlife. Responsible for Fountainbleau’s LIV nightclub, one of the 3 biggest in the country in terms of revenue, Grutman’s participation almost certain guarantees the project’s success.

In attendance for the grand opening that took place Friday was Kim Kardashian, Chris Rock, Vanessa Hudgens, Rick Ross, Bad Bunny, Cuba Gooding Jr., Maluma, Victoria Beckham. Also, the launch is said to have been planned to coincide with David Beckham’s season opener for his Inter Miami CF pro soccer team. He’s close friends with Grutmas as well.

Now as great as this project is, what might make this better would have been a hotel on Virginia Beach, his hometown. That’s just us being selfish since we’re currently in his homestate. Pharrell is however working on a $300 million surf park in Virginia Beach so he is actually paying some attention to his old stomping grounds.

We will say that he’s following in the footsteps of Don Peebles, the first black convention hotel owner in the country that opened in the early 2000s. Currently less than two percent of American hotels are currently black owned and Pharrell is helping to make that change.