Photo Credit: Beyonce/Instagram; Britney Spears/Instagram

Britney Spears was getting ready to have the collab of the century with Beyonce according to sources who said she was going to appear in a music video with the Single Ladies singer. It isn’t clear what exactly went wrong and camps for neither of the artists have commented yet. This would be an almost 20 year follow-up to the 2004 Super Bowl Pepsi commercial they did together with P!nk as gladiators in a collisium performing We Will Rock You. Enrique Iglesias even made an appearance in the video.

Given her conservatorship has been over for just over a year now, what better way to solidify her comeback than a collab with the other Queen Bey? She’s already had her first top ten single in a decade with Elton John. And while the reason for the collab falling through isn’t clear, one can question if her mental health was the reason for this as she recently had a spat with Paris Hilton. Paris posted a picture with her at a birthday party and she then turned around and accused her of photoshopping her into a picture as she’s not been at a birthday party in years. She recently was seen crying in a fast food parking lot and then got upset when one of their employees tried consoling her. Then of course there is all of her erratic behavior on social media and insistence on being naked ever since her conservatorship ended.

And lastly, Spears’ ex-fiance Jason Trawick is currently being slammed for saying that Spears needed her conservatorship when they were together. Her male counterpart from 2010 to 2013 reportedly said on Kevco, The Company Podcast with Kevin Connolly. “Listen, did she need a conservatorship when I was there? Yes. I’ll be the first to say, but I was there from 2007 to 2012. Yes, I think she needed some guidance.” He was then asked the difference between guidance and needing a conservatorship with Connolly saying, “You’re saying it was for her own good when you were there?” Trawick replied, “Yes. And I’m not saying just finances. I’m saying, for other reasons for therapy and stuff like that. Or stopping her from seeing certain individuals that were not great for her to be in her life. I think that she needed a little structure back then.” And when he was asked if her mother meant well when she initiated the conservatorship, he said “100 percent. Unless they are going to sit there and prove he stole money,” he said. “I don’t know if it should have ended earlier or later, but it shouldn’t have ended when I was there.” When he was asked if she needed someone “looking over her,” he said she did.

Whatever occurred with Britney where she wasn’t able to work with Beyonce, we’re just going to cross our fingers that they get to circle back to this at a later date. We would love to see this materialize.