Photo Credit: Chris Brown/Instagram

Chris Brown was in the most epic of meme wars with Offset over a meme of 21 Savage who was being teased for being detained by Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). It was all in fun… except for the rappers acting like they were going to go out and kick a*s en masse over it. Chris, of course, was not having it. He stood his ground and went so far as posting screenshots of his DMs including where he sent Offset his address and the time he would be home so he could kick his a**. Well, the police took notice and they decided to pay him a visit, just a welfare check to make sure he was okay.

It was an anonymous caller that tipped the police off of what Chris had done and was concerned about his wellbeing. And you can’t blame them. He posted his San Fernando Valley address for all of his 50 million Instagram followers to see. They said they were “scared” and “afraid” for him. While it isn’t clear who made the call, it’s a good thing they did because that isn’t exactly normal. You can’t put your own safety into jeapordy just for the instant gratification of owning someone on social media. Don’t forget a woman hid in his house naked in 2015 so it isn’t as if he hasn’t already had security issues before. And look what happened to Rich the Kid being targeted to get robbed yesterday. Anyway, his entourage told the police he was fine and that nothing came of the social media spat between the two.

Just a thought here, anytime the police have to show up to your house over your social media behavior, it’s probably a good idea to dial it back a bit. No one doubts that Chris Brown is tough but he can do so without indirectly inviting the world to his home in th process.