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Kodak Black was viral for what was supposed to be public sex during an NHL game Tuesday which caught the public off guard. For one, didn’t he just get out of prison? I’m pretty sure public sex is a good way to wind up right back there and secondly.. what? Well a spokesperson for the Sunrise Police Department says there is no threat of him being investigated for his actions at the Florida Panthers game because him and the woman dancing on him weren’t having sex. “They were just dancing very provocatively,” the spokesperson said.

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Comments on the event ranged from some on social media saying, “Kodak moments had a different meaning when I was a kid” to people acknowledging that he in fact might have actually had a bigger middle finger moment in sports than Antonio Brown and even I didn’t think that was possible. And what was surprising is that literally just a few days ago Drake just told him on Instagram Live the day before “You really all that for this generation and the next one if we being honest,” which is a big deal coming from him and already we’ve forgotten. Well at least the man gets to stay out of trouble.