Photo Credit: Pooh Shiesty/Instagram

Rapper Pooh Shiesty is currently behind bars for allegedly shooting a security guard at a Miami nightclub that was trying to escort him out after his show. Supposedly someone reached in his pocket taking money, to which he then went on stage to ask who did it, pulled out a gun and started shooting. The security guard escorting him out said he was hit in the ankle. Now his story has changed and he suddenly doesn’t remember saying this.

The security guard said that the commotion that occurred apparently was brought on by a fan that fell in a nearby garage, (the spinning fan, not a celebrity fan). He says when he was taken to the hospital and was given the powerful opioid Dilaudid that caused him to not recall any of what he was saying. He now not only says that Pooh Shiesty didn’t do it but doesn’t want to be contacted anymore about it.

Let’s say for instance that this security guard was actually doped up with hospital drugs that affected his thinking. Who shot him then? And this sounds like one of Shiesty’s people got to him and are intimidating him into changing his story. Something tells us there’s a lot more to this. We’ll be reporting on this as more info comes available.