Photo Credit: Popeyes

For those who follow any fast food brands on social media, it’s well known that Wendy’s generally wins in the trolling department. They just posted a picture of a McDonalds food truck asking if it was a garbage truck this week. But it wasn’t until the Popeyes and ChicFilA sandwich wars where things really heated up. Popeyes didn’t have to do the trolling because their fans did it for them. But in 2020, Popeyes just did the ultimate own of Beyonce by putting out their own limited edition clothing line which entails being a knock off of her Ivy Park athleisure brand.

The thing is that while Popeyes may have been obviously trolling Beyonce, their athleisure line they’re selling is their uniform. Beyonce fans pointed out that her new line looked a lot like Popeyes’ uniform and apparently they noticed. They actually whipped up this new line with hooded jackets, crewneck sweaters, half-zips and polo shirts, visors, baseball caps, and more in no time, had an amazing photoshoot and slapped it up online in record speed and so far, a lot of the items are already sold out in the first day it’s been up for sale. “Love that look? It’s our uniform. Has been for a while. And now you can buy it,” they posted on Twitter about the line. Items range from $10 – $40 and we’ve got to admit this is one of the best social media stunts we’ve seen in the history of social media on behalf of a restaurant. And we have to add that any company who tries to take on Beyonce in a social media war gets our respect. That gets our respect. It’s actually more of a compliment than anything. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?