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Today is Thanksgiving and if you’re reading this, it means you made it to see another holiday season. As of this moment, close to 800,000 people have died of COVID and over 5 million globally since this pandemic has started. If you’re celebrating, that means you’re likely not part of the near 600,000 homeless people in America right now, about the population of Baltimore City or any of thd current 150 million homeless worldwide. Either way, we all have something to be grateful for. We decided to reach out to some of our friends and you all’s favorite people to have them share what they’re thankful for.

Alabama model D Lyons said “Im thankful for always having my mom love and support. Even though im an adult, I will always be her baby boy.” Houston model Cassius Graham said, “his year im thankful for LIFE and business. This year I have stepped up my business and chose to work independently in the fitness industry. I have changed so many lives through personal training, helping over 30 clients lose 10-20lbs each. And I’m thankful for life because I recently got covid last month and it was the WORST experience of my life up to date. It showed my precious the little things In life are like be able to simply breath and talk, because during my 2 weeks I couldn’t do either.”

Brooklyn rapper and Dupree GOD is thankful for all he’s been pulled through saying, “I’m super thankful to have great people around me to pull me out of all the dark spaces I dwelled in. I’m also grateful for everything I accomplished this year with music and being able to bring joy to ppl through my viral social media content wise. I hope to continue inspiring the world and the people around me. God Bless.”  Malik Medley, an Orlando model from Baltimore that’s been one of our featured Eye Candy models before along with Cassius Graham and D Lyons said, “I’m thankful for everything even the smallest things like $5 because some people don’t even have that.” 

Another featured Eye Candy model,   said, “I’m thankful for my family, my friends, I’m thankful for having a good head on my shoulders, and the life I have today.” Deven Hubbard’s grateful for the people he has around him to include his girlfriend, telling us “I’m thankful to be alive and not only to be alive but I’m extremely thankful that I get to wake up each and everyday and strive to be a better person then I was the day before. I’m thankful for my fans and supporters that keep me motivated, I’m also thankful for my friends and family Xavier my brother, My grandmother, My daughter Eva, I’m thankful for my woman Francesca. I’m also thankful that my child has a great hands on mom and I’m thankful to have good people around me that’s keeping me in good spirits that also corrects my wrongs from my rights! I’m just grateful for each and every little blessing I receive daily! I’m thankful for everything that happens to me daily as I get other whether it’s good or bad, because it’s molding me to be a better individual going forward! I’m growing and learning daily!”

Rapper P Kash, who we’ve interviewed before said, “This year I’m thankful for my mental health and the ability to bounce back from anything.” And lastly, Pastor and singer Rai Jackson who I’ve both interviewed and spoken on a church panel of his said, “I am grateful for peace of mind. Despite what goes on around me, I really do live with Gods internal peace & that sustains my well being for & on life’s journeys”.

And lastly, Chicago photographer Ryan Anthony gave quite the introspective response saying, “When asked to tell what I’m thankful for, my automatic thought was to find something different, full of nuances—to stray away from cliches, yet be profound. In all of that I found no true answers of substance, but once I began looking within, I found what I’m truly thankful for, and that’s my life. I spend the brunt of my free time in introspection and over each period of analysis I come to find how every seemingly bad/wild/hurtful/unfair occurrence in my life has shaped and moved me in ways that were absolutely imperative to opportunity after opportunity, and revelation after revelation. Each failed relationship, unfair act, hurt feeling, things gone “Bad”, hell even mistakes made on my part, has removed me from situations that unbeknownst to me would’ve prevented my progression and showed me exactly who/what I don’t want to be like, thus allowing a greater appreciation and understanding of who I am and want to build myself into becoming. I’m thankful to my family—although we didn’t have the greatest relationships at all times, they instilled in me several fundamentals that truly have me set straight to this day, and what prove, time and time again, to set me apart. Lastly, I’m thankful to God. One thing I pray for as often as I can remember is that God will use me to reach others—to help them with their troubles, find love and appreciation for themselves and others, and to help lead them to their purpose and to Him through my influence & so far, it seems like that’s how things are going. I’m also thankful for you in including me in this. Thank you for your time, God bless, and happy Thanksgiving.”

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