Photo Credit: Deven Hubbard/Instagram

If you don’t know Deven Hubbard by name, you’ve likely seen him. Just flash a picture of him and his abs to any casual Instagram user and they recognize him. From radio, event hosting, getting out of Rolls Royces or stepping out of pools dripping wet, he seems to be everyone’s favorite person to watch and live vicariously through on social media. We had a chance to catch up with him and for him to give us an update on what he’s been up to lately and to set the record straight on any rumors out there.

For starters, he’s currently playing in the Euroleague. He previously was held up with some legal issues on the way to his professional training camp last season and wasn’t able to leave the country due to some government issues. He’s finally got things squared away and just now verbally signed to Olympiacos in Greece. He’ll be making his professional debut there this August. Pretty soon he’ll be gracing television screens competing, putting all these years of training and working out to good use.

There’s a video of him circulating at the moment that was from a company he was supposed to be completing a submission to for a $25k payout. Beyond that, he’s also clarified that fellow social media star Vinny Watson, who he’s taken pics with have never done anything sexual together. To use Deven’s words, “I’ve never done anything sexual with a man and I never will,” so that should take care of that. The video involving another guy was on saran wrap and was for a company named KG Entertainment.

“I love women, always have, always will and that’s where my interest will remain. Throughout all the adversity, I’m staying true to me.” Deven hasn’t touched on what happened because he says he knows the truth. To put lightly, he was F’ed over and lied to. Also, for those involved, expect legal action.

Deven’s been seen a few places with a girl named Nadia from Houston so kudos to her for getting a baller (literally). An anonymous source of ours has seen the two coming from a Four Seasons as well.

With a burgeoning fan base and him becoming a must have personality whether it is with fans looking to get his body through his fitness program or him being featured in comedy skits with comedian K Way, he says his family keeps him motivated and staying positive throughout the year. He thanks his brother Xavier JohnsonJerron Love and Daidrien Johnson for their part in his life and big ups to his agent Pedro. And lastly he’s even landed a partnership with sportswear brand Iceberg. So stay tuned, keep following and remember the name Deven Hubbard because you’re going to be seeing a whole lot more of it.

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