Photo Credit: Deven Hubbard/Instagram

Aired: December 3, 2020

Deven Hubbard has graced our Eye Candy section and is one of our more asked about models we’ve covered over the years. From knowing how to work a camera to being around equally handsome people to up the eyegasm feature, he’s managed to spark plenty of interest over the years. And we haven’t touched on his possible NBA prospects. He stopped by our show for the first time to chat with PopGlitz Founder JaVonni Brustow discussing what it’s like being a new father and life in general as a rising star. He had to step away early but we’re sure there is a lot more both to hear from Deven and to expect in the future because if anything is certain, he does have a bright future ahead of him.

You can follow Deven on Instagram at @WayOfDeven and Twitter at LifeOfDeven.

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