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Bounce Back is track by the late Toledo, Ohio rapper DeDe Porter. The song which samples the 1986 Loose Ends hit Slow Down, talks about circumstances he’s made it out of, having people praying for his downfall and how people don’t want to see you bounce back. Some of the “Everything I lost I got back. They don’t like to see you bounce back,” he rapped over the R&b track. “N*ggas act like first take I wasn’t top 10” he says in another part of the track. And if that wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t have a mural put up in his city after his tragic murder in 2021.

We first came across DeDe Porter while reviewing music in the Detroit and Ohio area over the past couple years. Other artists we’ve covered in the area in that time frame include Litty Kavinci and AkTheKing. We just didn’t have the chance to cover him and it wasn’t until we saw his friend Mr Get Fit Stay Fit who’s appeared in music videos of his sharing about his passing.

About his passing, his mother Abena Rowland told the local ABC affiliate WTVG that he was living his childhood dream as a rapper. “He loved his music,” she said. “Ever since he was a kid he had a notebook everywhere with him and I was like if you don’t put the notebook down … He was also scheduled to do a video shoot in Atlanta and hadn’t long launched his clothing line and likely was getting ready to sign a contract. He was facetiming his younger cousin when his SUV was shot up.

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Check out today’s PopGlitz Song of the Day, Bounce Back by Toledo rapper DeDe Porter below:

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