Photo Credit: Kenya Amir

Today’s going to be the start of PopGlitz’ new Song of the Day series with the first being from Kenya Amir, the self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Pop’ with Better Things. The song he says he wrote in college about 4 years ago in his dorm room. He said “I was thinking about the future because a lot of guys where I’m from dont make it to 21. Better Things was my way of saying I’m going to take full advantage of every opportunity that’s put in front of me.”

And speaking of opportunities, he’s currently a part of the national talent search and reality show, The Blaque Okane Rockfest where he’s competing to go on an 8 state tour as an opening act for Mysterious from Making the Band, now known as Misty Blanco.

We first met Kenya Amir this time last year interviewing him before he went on stage while we were doing media for Misty Blanco’s Get Out the Vote music showcase in Richmond, Virginia. Known as The Greatest Show on Earth, it was a culmination of artists that both participated in her artist bootcamp as well as those that arrived in town to perform. His most recent project is entitled No Worries, available on all platforms. He says he’s “most excited about this winter” and said the videos, and music” he has coming out are going to be “crazy good.” And his new album is set to come out May 2022.

And as a bonus, during his interview with TheMindMinx show, the host said his lyrics to his song Cinnamon made her blush. We’ve added that song below.

If you like Kenya Amir and would like to see him go on tour as an opening act for Misty Blanco, you can vote for him below.

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