Photo Credit: Aussyy/Instagram

Today’s PopGlitz Song of the Day is Aussyy’s No More, a song about , a song about progressing and no longer staying in the place you’re in. With lyrics like “How you hatin’ on me ’cause I’m chasin’ a bag? That sh** is lame. Maybe you should get off yo’ a** and do the same,” he shows his determination on the track. Aussyy is a rising model and rapper who used to go by the name FamousMixed on TikTok reincarnated as Aussyy making posts with captions such as “I got 99 problems but a bad angle ain’t one.” Also as a mental health spokespers on, he speaks about being in a coma a year ago from a suicide attempt advocating for those experiencing those thoughts to realize there’s a better way. With a new lease on life, he’s recently released the tracks No More and Demon Girl.

Check out our PopGlitz Song of the Day, No More by Aussiee

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